Bryan C. Skarlatos Quoted in Tax Notes Article, "News Analysis: Be Nice to Whistleblowers"

By Lee A. Sheppard
May 2016

Bryan C. Skarlatos is quoted in the Tax Notes article, "News Analysis: Be Nice to Whistleblowers" by Lee A. Sheppard. With the whistleblower program celebrating its 10th anniversary, practitioners still complain about an unwillingness to take hard cases, lack of communication, and slowness in the payment of awards. In an excerpt from the article:

"LB&I has its own culture and beliefs about how things should be done. "There's a cultural issue," said Zerbe. Skarlatos said that he got the sense that overworked LB&I revenue agents, who are very expert in their specialties, seem to resent the help and may not recognize the value of the information. Zerbe concurred that it is difficult to sell LB&I on a case involving an insider at a Fortune 500 company. "C'mon, guys, this guy got fired for what he disclosed!" said Skarlatos, who praised the quality of the evidence offered by insiders.

LB&I has an audit plan and may be reluctant to take up a case when its audit of the reported company has been completed. "It's tough changing the audit plan," Skarlatos noted. There is no placeholder in the audit plan for issues raised by whistleblowers. Zerbe wanted the Whistleblower Office to have the power to go to the commissioner to change the audit plan, that is, essentially reopen the audit of the reported company."

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