Stow Lovejoy Representative Matters

  • Represented numerous clients making voluntary disclosures of offshore bank accounts.
  • Advised non-US family groups on structuring of investment in US real property.
  • Advised multinational family with respect to structure of worldwide business under US tax law.
  • Represented investment partnerships on IRS disallowance charitable deductions for donating historic façade easements with respect to landmark buildings.
  • Represented whistleblowers reporting over one billion dollars of unpaid income taxes to the IRS Whistleblower Office.
  • Represented individual investors in oil and gas drilling partnerships on IRS challenges to deductions.
  • Advised commodities exporter on export incentives under the Internal Revenue Code.
  • Represented investor in “distressed asset” tax shelter partnership at audit and in Tax Court.
  • Represented individuals and S corporation in contest of state tax allocation of “nowhere sales” to home state.