Robert S. Fink Representative Matters

  • Mr. Fink obtained a jury acquittal on all 36 counts for his client, an accountant, who prepared tax returns on the theory that wages were not taxable.  The case was a retrial of the same charges that earlier resulted in a hung jury.  Both the government and experts in the field called the result, "astonishing."
  • At trial, Mr. Fink won innocent spouse protection for the wife of "Mad Dog Beck" of Drexel Burnham fame.  Mr. Fink proved that his client had no reason to question hundreds of thousands of dollars in nonexistent charitable deductions.
  • Mr. Fink convinced a jury to acquit a major New York contractor accused of illegally paying bribes to six different building managers on the theory that his client was the victim of six different extortions.
  • Mr. Fink represented the head of KPMG's tax practice in the largest tax fraud prosecution in United States history, in which Mr. Fink obtained the dismissal of the indictment on the ground of prosecutorial misconduct.
  • Mr. Fink successfully represented Mickey Mantle in a criminal investigation into omitted income through the autographing of baseballs.
  • Mr. Fink successfully defended at trial, one of New York City's largest law firms accused civilly of backdating estate planning documents.
  • Mr. Fink achieved a court directed not guilty verdict after a five-week jury trial of the CFO of a healthcare provider criminally accused of healthcare fraud.
  • While picking a jury in the Southern District of New York, for the criminal tax trial of a major New York City real estate developer, Mr. Fink persuaded the government to dismiss the indictment by convincing the prosecutor that the government's essential witness, the taxpayer's accountant, was a liar.