Megan L. Brackney Presented, "Ethics: Fixing Common Tax Problems" For ALI 2 day webcast

Megan L. Brackney presented an ethics-based course, "Fixing Common Tax Problems", on October 8, 2015, for the first day of the two-day ALI event, Handling a Tax Controversy 2015: Current Trends in Civil Tax Controversies and Litigation.

The trusted tool for tax practitioners, Handling a Tax Controversy 2015 provides insights and practical strategies on all aspects of handling federal tax controversies. The outstanding faculty - including U.S. Tax Court judges, current and former senior government officials, and top U.S. and foreign tax controversy practitioners - explores the following topics and more: 

  •  Current issues at IRS examinations and appeals
  •  Future of international information sharing
  •  Handling FOIA requests and litigation
  •  Current issues in TEFRA partnership exams
  •  Courtroom technology strategies and expert witness tactics
  •  Litigating FBAR and tax fraud cases in U.S. District Court

What you will learn

To handle a federal tax controvery successfully, the sophisticated practitioner must possess skills in two distinct areas: administrative practice and tax litigation. This course devotes an entire day to each.

Join us at this nationally recognized program, where a prestigious panel of tax practitioners, Tax Court and Federal District Court judges, and government official comprehensively guide you through the life cycle of a federal tax controversy. Get a complete update on critical issues and trends, as well as expert tips on how to represent your clients effectively through all of the stages of a tax dispute. Enjoy the always popular trial demonstrations and hone your skills from start to finish.

Topics include:

  •  Current issues in IRS examinations
  •  International information sharing
  •  Best practices for case resolution at exams
  •  Current issues at IRS appeals
  •  CDP and bankruptcy options
  •  FOIA from requests to litigation
  •  Best practices in the Tax Court stipulation process
  •  Expert witnesses and courtroom technology (mock trial demonstrations)
  •  The role of judicial doctrines
  •  FBAR and fraud penalties

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