Caroline D. Ciraolo moderated the panel "International Exchange of Information and Evidence Gathering" at the 9th Annual NYU Tax Controversy Forum

In an increasingly globalized economy, taxpayers—from multinational corporations to globe-trotting individuals—can have financial dealings and information relevant to tax enforcement in many different countries. International agreements, including treaties, tax information exchange agreements, automatic exchange agreements, and local laws, dramatically affect whether and how information can be obtained and shared with other countries’ tax authorities. This panel examined the various methods that are used and issues that arise when one country’s tax authorities seek information and evidence within the jurisdiction of another country.

Moderator: Caroline D. Ciraolo, Esq., Former Acting Assistant Attorney General, Tax Division, US Department of Justice, Washington, DC 
Nancy Chassman, Esq., Partner, Roberts & Holland, New York, NY 
Lindsay L. Clayton, Esq., Trial Attorney, Tax Division, US Department of Justice, Washington, DC 
Don Fort, Deputy Chief, Criminal Investigation Division, Internal Revenue Service, Washington, DC 
Jeffrey A. Neiman, Esq., Partner, Marcus Neiman & Rashbaum, Fort Lauderdale, FL