Bryan C. Skarlatos presented "The Tax Man Cometh: The Criminal Tax Case" at the 2017 IRS Conference Workshop

What to Do When the IRS Shows Up? On May 3rd at the New York State Society of CPAs, we followed the journey of Joe & Mary through the IRS Process. This full-day program used a particular client's fact pattern to highlight the various areas of the IRS representation process and the opportunities and pitfalls for practitioners and their clients.

Bryan's panel: The Tax Man Cometh: The Criminal Tax Case 
Moderator: Eric L. Green, Esq., Partner and Cofounder, Green & Sklarz, LLC 

Panelists: - Frank Agostino, Esq., Founder, President, and Principal, Agostino & Associates, P.C. - Bryan C. Skarlatos, Esq., LLM (Taxation), Partner, Kostelanetz & Fink, LLP 

Mary calls you hysterically one morning. Two IRS criminal investigators are outside the door, asking questions about their tax returns. What should she tell them? Our final panel took over Joe and Mary’s case when things have taken a turn for the worse and everything comes to a head. This panel reviewed issues that arise frequently for practitioners when attempting to help clients who have made terrible mistakes when it comes to their tax returns. Topics included what to do when the practitioner suspects that there are issues of tax fraud (i.e., an “eggshell audit”), dealing with sensitive returns, what the most common tax crimes are, and the accountant’s role in criminal tax cases. Finally, our panel discussed the issue of tax loss and its impact on federal sentencing.